• Technology
  • Where to Find Microphones Today?

    If you are into music industry, perhaps, finding the type of microphone that is perfect for music recording is definitely one of the things you aim to get. Good thing that today’s generation; it is easier to find on where to get one. There are two common options where to secure your type of microphone […]

  • Lifestyle
  • Dealing with Life

    Life is beautiful but it is bumpy sometimes. But what matters most is that we know how to deal with every problem that is thrown unto us. No matter how beautiful life is, it wouldn’t be that beautiful if we won’t be struggling. Each of us faces different problems and how we deal with it […]

  • Beauty
  • Starting All Over Again

    It’s been almost a year of hiatus. As I go back to blogging, the need to start in this blog is also high.  As you can see, it’s different from the old one. This is because I need to focus more on our family business plus mommy duties. Hence, I needed to let go of […]

  • Lifestyle
  • Shop Online Like a Pro!

    It sure took its sweet time but I suppose you could say that online shopping in the Philippines is rapidly gaining popularity. Not only are local consumers getting more internet-savvy, but more and more entrepreneurs are also wisely choosing to tap the growing potential of online markets. Online shopping per se is not a new […]