Ber Month Giveaway Collab

September 21st, 2014
Hi there! A giveaway collaboration from fellow beauty bloggers is here… This was supposed to be a month ago but i guess Deann was busy that time. Anyway, here are the details bellow! Rizanoia.com – Eurethel.com – MicmicsCorner.com – RosalieTangonan.Wordpress.com – ItsZmYuson.com LhyzieBongon.com – PaucheeCasimiro.com – AishaKristine.com – DeannSarmiento.com Sponsors – The Hype Online Shop […]

Weekend Bonding

September 21st, 2014
Hi there! Happy Sunday to all of you! I really need a motivation right now. My days have really been so tiresome somehow with work and all the stuff that has been happening. Anyway, last weekend I took time to bond with my little boy and he really liked it, so we are showing you […]

Lay Down with Me?

September 8th, 2014
Hi there from our little boy! He missed you guys a lot that he will be present in this blog from now on and also if you have tumblr you can follow him on his tumblr account some pics that won’t be shown here and some sneak peeks on what he is doing will be […]

COM: Sepetember

September 7th, 2014
Hi there! Me again here! I know it’s been a while since the last giveaway or commenter of the month giveaway and most of you doesn’t visit my blog regularly now since i went on hiatus. So i decided to have 2 winners for this month to make it up to you all for being […]

Back on Track

September 6th, 2014
Hi there! And we are back on track! My baby boy and I miss you so much my dear readers! And this post will all be about my little boy Angelo. You can now follow him on instagram @angeloyuson and on twitter @angeloyuson for all of you who likes to see more pics and posts […]
Event Flyer

Join the BDJ Box Beauty Social Camp Gorgeous

September 5th, 2014
Hi there again! I don’t know if you have heard of it already but BDJ box will be holding the second BDJ Box Beauty Social for 2014 which is titled Camp Gorgeous, it will be held at SM North Edsa Skydome from 10am to 7pm and I am so glad that BDJ Box has let […]

COM: Winner of COM May

September 4th, 2014
Hi there! Sorry for the very very long hiatus, I’ve been quite busy lately and a lot has been going on. I have answered some of your comments lately and I have seen that you really like to see my baby boy grow with poses and everything, we would like you to follow his instagram […]

ROMWE Sale Colorful Print Sleeveless Dress

June 5th, 2014
ROMWE Colorful Print Sleeveless Dress http://www.romwe.com/iof–romwe-colorful-print-sleeveless-dress-p-85054.html $14.99, start on 1am 5th June GMT, 24 hours only, limited in 300 pieces. Free shipping worldwide, ships in 24 hours after order. It will recover to $30.99 6th June. So if you want to be the iridescent girl, don’t miss out!